Website analysis

Our versatile knowledge can also be used for an analysis of an existing website, also known as a quickscan.

The quickscan

For the quickscan we not only look through the eyes of the visitor to the website, but we also look at how the website is built and how it can be found by search engines.

The quick scan contains a number of components:

  • Usability. We look for example at the layout of the website, the navigation structure and the call-to-action by visitors of the website.
  • The design; does this match what you want to convey with the website and does it appeal to the target audience?
  • SEO: the search engine friendliness. We do not only look at how the website is built (the technology), but also at what is on the website (the content) including how that content is structured.
  • Responsive: is the website well displayed on desktop, tablet and mobile?
  • Safety. This will cover being up-to-date with updates and the spam prevention. We also look at the presence of an SSL certificate.
  • Performance: the speed of the website.


After we have analysed your website you will receive our findings in a clear document with action points for improvement and tips. We will contact you to discuss the document. Together we look at what can be done by yourself and what you would rather let us do.

Interested? Please feel free to contact us without any obligations!