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VIP offer for your Very Important Website

Take advantage of our VIP offer!

Your new, worry-free Very Important Website

Imagine that not only you get a new website, but that the website is backed up daily and that the plugins and the theme are kept up-to-date for a year. And if that’s not enough, you also get 2 hours of support.

VIP offer for your Very Important Website

Don’t wait too long, because this VIP offer for your Very Important Website has limited validity. In 2019 this offer is valid in September and for a maximum of 5 web assignments.

Your carefree website

You get a website with:

  • an homepage
  • a product / offer page
  • an about me / about us page
  • a contact page with a contact form and a map
  • the mandatory privacy statement
  • one additional page. For example a blog page, a portfolio, prices or something completely different


Naturally your website will have the necessary plugins that ensure that your website is safe and fast. You can also see if the content written by you is SEO-proof. In any case, I will give you tips on how to write texts that make Google happy. And I will certainly not forget to add the call-to-actions and non-tracking social media buttons.

The design

For the design I use the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. I ensure that the chosen design suits you and your company. If you already have a corporate identity, I will apply this. If you do not yet have a house style, we will look together to see what suits you and your company well.

Always up-to-date

What makes this VIP offer special is that for 1 year I will ensure that your website is always technically up to date. I will check daily whether updates of the plugins and the Divi theme need to be done. And if updates are available, I will do this for you.

Keeping your website up to date is essential to protect your website against hackers.


Naturally, I also ensure that your website is backed up regularly. And before I perform a major update, I will always make a manual backup of your website first.

You can read why a backup is important in my blog Back up your website regularly.

Free support

This VIP offer also includes 2 hours of free support. When the website is online you might want to update the content. You will be able to do this yourself. You might also want to add a blog post. In itself this is very easy with the manual that comes with our offer. But if you still have questions, you can also just ask me for advice. And you can also use the time for any minor adjustments to your website.

What does your carefree Very Important Website cost?

For this temporary VIP offer you pay € 872.50 excluding 20% VAT. For this amount you not only get a nice website but also a daily check for updates, a regular backup and 2 hours of free support. More pages are also possible for a small extra charge.

At the end of the year you can always choose to make your website remain a Very Important Website. I will continue to check your website for updates, perform the backups and be available for 2 hours of support. But you can also choose to subscribe to a maintenance contract. Or to take of the website yourself.

Temporary offer

If you like the sound of our special offer, please feel free to contact me. As you could read, this is a temporary offer for a limited number of websites. If in doubt, please also feel free to contact me.

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