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Reusing a Buro RaDer Tips & tricks

This month of September I have a great VIP offer where I not only build a new website, but also ensure that the website remains technically up-to-date for a year and that a daily backup is made. I also give 2 hours of free support after completing the website.

VIP offer for your Very Important Website


I build the Very Important Website with WordPress. A frequently asked question is why you would choose a CMS such as WordPress or Drupal while there are also many free web builders available. I answered this question in my blog Why choose a CMS such as WordPress or Drupal?

Comparison of systems
Well take the time to choose a system

Limited availability

Interested in the VIP offer? Contact me now; the offer is only valid in September and for a maximum of 5 websites. More is not possible, because I want to be able to give every customer who uses this offer sufficient time and attention.

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