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Website for Les Camélias

The design of your website is crucial in order to communicate the so-called soft values . Do you want a modern and fashionable image or just a more traditional, more natural image? Aimed at a broad audience or at a more exclusive audience? All this can be expressed via a competent design. The content ‘only’ has to confirm the desired image.

A design is something personal. We understand that you sometimes:

  • would like to use the design of your existing website, or …
  • would like to hire someone which whom you have been working for a long time, or whose portfolio you like very much, or …
  • would like to bring forward your own ideas, sketches or colours, or …
  • would like us to take care of the design, or …
  • would like to make your choice from some off the shelf Drupal or WordPress designs
Hiking Auvergne - Website created with a Drupal template
Website for Hiking Auvergne

From a budgetary point of view, an off the shelf design can be an attractive option. A completely new website which is based upon a personalised design can use up a large part of the available budget. There are also catalogues of existing designs that are available for free or at low cost.

We can help you understand the options available and will listen carefully to your requirements and provide advice based on our experience. Together we will reach the best result.