Search Engine Optimisation

How to get more visitors to my website via SEO?

Visitors can arrive on your website in 3 different ways:

  • directly – by typing the name of your web address
  • by clicking on a link to your website from another website
  • via a search engine like Google

Visits via search engines are an important part of all visits to websites. It is important that your website will appear in a high ranking position when using the search terms that you or your audience find important. Improving this score for a website is called search engine optimisation, often abbreviated as SEO.

The ranking of your website

Whether and at which position your site is displayed when viewed is determined by the ‘score’ of your website. A search engine determines the score of your website in principle based on the following aspects:

  • links from other websites to your website
  • the content of your pages
  • the speed of the website. This is strongly related to the way the website is built

You yourself are responsible for the content. At the start of the project, we will provide you with useful tips. Search engines look at pages in a different way than human visitors. The content of websites built with Drupal or WordPress is easily accessible for search engines and will be interpreted correctly by them.

Moreover, it is not only important that your website is found through Google, but it is also important that when looking at the list of search results, visitors click on your website. We will also give you advice on this.

For existing websites we can perform a quick scan resulting in a clear report with recommendations. Obviously, we can take care of the follow-up.