Maintenance subscription

Maintenance subscription – Let us take care of your website

Our maintenance subscriptions are the solution for those who prefer to not adjust certain things on their website themselves.

Un update is waiting for you!
Warning: update

What we can do for you:
• Change texts
• Add new pages
• Customize the menu
• Replace or add images
• Post videos
• Short translations (Dutch, French & English).
• Customize the layout
• Updates: WordPress, WordPress plug-ins, WordPress themes, Drupal, Drupal modules and Drupal themes
• Add features
• Manage webshops (update the catalog, define discounts, add payment methods, etc.)

As an extra service for our maintenance subscribers, we will always carry out critical security updates immediately after they appear on their website.

For our maintenance contracts, a reduced hourly rate applies and the more hours are purchased, the lower this reduced hourly rate will be!
• 5 hours – € 209,25 – valid for 1 year (= -7%)
• 10 hours – € 405 – valid for 2 years (= -10%)
• 20 hours – € 765 – valid for 2 years (= -15%)

Any hours left after the validity period will be recalculated based on our hourly rates applicable at that time. Programming and large translation jobs are not covered by the maintenance subscription.

And of course, you can still adjust everything yourself if you feel like it!

Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment!