Since websites are custom made many factors influence the costs for the development of a website, such as the method used for the design, the complexity of the website, possible need for purchase and/or editing of illustrative material. Once these requirements are understood we will make a quotation.

Our Terms & Conditions apply to all our services. These will be send together with the quotation or can be sent on request.

Although the websites we create are easy to maintain by yourself, you can also opt for the convenience of a maintenance subscription.

Fixed price or actual cost?

We implement many projects on a fixed, pre-agreed price (fixed price project). For simple websites (business card web sites) this is often the most simple. This may be different for more complex websites (e-commerce or community sites).

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Fixed priced projects

Fixed priced projects work well where the requirments are well understood and the scope can be clearly defined. This will then enable us to concentrate on the development of the website with the client having agreed a fixed price. The amount of flexibility than can be accomodated along the way without affecting the price and timings will naturally be limited.

In many cases the requirements may not be fully understood at the time of the project start or there may need to be a good deal of iteration to achieve the desired desgin and look and feel for the website. Under these circumstances a Time and Materials approach may be the best solution for both parties. In this case, the actual number of hours spent are invoiced at an agreed upon hourly rate.Fixed price projects have the following characteristics:

  • Budgetary certainty for you, our customer.
  • The estimating risk lies with the supplier.
  • The scope of the project must be clear, well defined and agreed by both parties. This means that the requirements and scope of the website need to be accurately documented in the detailed project plan so that the we are able to fully focus on constructing the website.
  • New insights during the execution of the project may identify requirements not originally planned. Any proposed changes to the functionality would need to be discussed as there may well be implications on the original cost and time estimates which would need to be agreed.

A fixed-price project can therefore also have drawbacks:

  • Maintaining a wide margin in the time estimates (risk premium).
  • As a customer you must know what you want in detail, as the flexibility to make changes to the agreed specification without affecting the cost or timescales will be very limited.
  • Writing a detailed project plan takes a lot of time – though this can be time well spent as it helps to establish the requirements at an early stage.
  • Less flexibility to make adjustments during implementation.
  • Within reasonable limits we are flexible with any changes during implementation. But for fixed price projects the project plan continues to be the starting point.

Time and Materials projects

If you yourself have not yet quite figured out what you want, or if you want the work to be spread out over a longer time, a project based on real costing could be the solution. In this case, the actual number of hours spent are invoiced at an agreed upon hourly rate.

How does this work? In consultation with the client the wishes, priorities and the maximum budget are continuously discussed. During short periods (iterations), we then continue to work on developing your highest priority requirements. For each stage we will provide an estimate for the next phase and following approval start work. When we see a risk of exceeding the estimates, we will contact you and discuss the options available. You will receive regular detailed overview of the time spent on your project.

Advantages of working on an actual cost basis:

  • Quick development of a working site where the most important functions are present.
  • Flexible, you can change at any time the priorities and change or drop features.
  • On the basis of advancing insight there can be steered immediately.
  • You are in control of your budget. With frequent reports surprises will not occur. The iterations are so short that deviations from the estimations will be small.

If of application on your situation, we will discuss your requirements with you and agree which approach is best for us both.