Our working method

Designing a good website is a subtle process requiring technical expertise and a good understanding of the clients’ requirements and values. This working method needs a good open dialogue with the client and this starts with an orientation meeting where the key objectives and parameters of the projects will be discussed. We have the experience to be able to do this remotely where required. We use e-mails, conference calls and video conferencing to ensure good interaction throughout. We work for clients in Belgium, France, the UK, the Netherlands and Spain. The orientation meeting is of course free of charges.

During the orientation meeting the following topics among others will be discussed:

  • Objective and target group of the website
  • Availability of a corporate design
  • Structure of the website
  • Supply of texts, illustrations and/or photo material
  • Functionalities which are necessary to communicate with visitors. This could for instance be a form
  • Maintenance after the website has gone online
  • Hosting
  • Registration with search engines

Based on this a quotation with project plan will be made directly for smaller projects. For larger projects, a quotation will first be made. After approval of this quotation the project plan will follow.

Content Project plan

The following subjects will – if applicable – be part of the project plan:

  • Description of the company including the core activities of the company
  • Description of the current situation
  • Description of the to be developed website:
  • Objectives and target groups
  • Structure of the website
  • Design of the website
  • Technique of the website
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance of the website
  • Action plan
  • Agreements made

The agreed quotation and project plan will serve as a contract for both the client and Buro RaDer.


The websites which we build allow for the content and design to be implemented separately. We therefore begin simultaneously with the creation of the design and the technical development of the website.

Depending on what was agreed one or more draft designs for the website will be produced. These will be presented, discussed and modified and a final design selected which will then be incorporated into the website.

Once the website is online we provide an English manual that describes the basic operations to keep your website up to date. If there are – despite this manual – questions, we will of course be available to answer them.